Becoming a mother is a special gift and burden that only a woman can receive. And whether we, as individual women, decide to become mothers or not, simply having the ability (and choice) to create human life is a beautiful thing. It takes a certain amount of strength, grit, persistence, compassion, and a nurturing spirit to be a mother. And for that reason, moms can do anything. And while motherhood is often explained as beautiful – and it is – it can also be an immense challenge. Women who become mothers sacrifice a piece of themselves so that their children can thrive. We put our own needs on the backburner so that our children can have what they need. We get our shit together (as much as possible) to break the unhealthy cycles handed down to us. We love our children unconditionally, even through the moments when we feel like giving up, and even while we feel the need to be loved ourselves.

And single mothers must lift themselves up when no one else is around to share the burden. We clean up messes, wipe up tears (sometimes theirs, and sometimes our own), provide meals, offer shelter, entertain, and adapt into anything else our children might need from us… and we do it all by ourselves. It’s a daily grind. It’s a daily blessing. And it deserves to be honored.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with TaylorsMOM, a tax-deductible, nonprofit organization whose mission is to offer resources and support to single moms by providing physical, mental, emotional, and social support to help single mothers and their children to thrive. TaylorsMOM, INC. serves low to middle income single mothers who are making a living, but want to improve their quality of life in the DMV area.

The time is now to normalize self-care for moms – especially single moms – without excuses or guilt. That’s why, as our small way of saying thank you to moms everywhere, we’re supporting TaylorsMOM by giving away a fabulous day of pampering and self-care to one lucky single mom in the DMV area. Could it be you?

Here’s what’s in the prize package:

A FREE Silk & Lace Boudoir photo shoot (valued at $4,100) that includes:

2 outfit changes

Professional hair styling

Professional makeup application

All digital shots (up to 30 images)

Here’s how to enter:

If you’re a single mom, simply complete this entry form, or click on the button below, between April 4 – 18, 2022 to enter to win this incredible prize package.

Good luck!