I feel so honored to get to work with such amazing women all the time! Miss S is another such amazing woman who came to me after finding us online. 

She wanted to do a boudoir shoot first and foremost for herself. During our initial consultation and in every conversation we had thereafter, she kept bringing up the fact that this was something she would normally never do. And how it was something her friends and family would never expect her to do, either. It was awesome. I loved that she was having this internal amazement at pushing herself so far outside of her comfort zone. 

I’m so glad she did, because it totally paid off. Her images are AH – MA – ZING.
We used a variety of outfits for her shoot. We started out with a cute and comfy gray sweater, which I loved for being so sexy and beautiful while also seeming so simple and casual. Next we moved to a top that she actually brought in accidentally, that said “strength comes from within”. It was perfectly fitting. Then we moved into the lingerie and the bodysuits and the stockings and she absolutely killed it.

Miss S also did a payment plan with us and ended up purchasing an album and a gorgeous aluminum print. We’re actually in the middle of planning her next shoot right now! 

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