Miss D was this amazing soul who I had the wonderful opportunity to work with about a year ago – when she came in she brought with her this awesome energy. She trusted me, and we created GORGEOUS images for her.  I’m just coming out of a bad phase of non-blogging, which was driving me nuts because I’ve wanted to share her pictures for so long. I’m sooo happy to be finally getting around to it. 

Miss D wanted to do this shoot for herself, first and foremost. She did it to feel more confident, to feel that rush of bravery and vulnerability, and to overall give herself a boost in self-esteem. Why not?! Our vision of ourselves as the beautiful badasses that we are is something that occasionally requires maintenance and nurturing. A sexy boudoir photoshoot is a surefire way to accomplish this.

For her husband’s birthday, Miss D. gave him the album of her best shots and he was so delightfully surprised. He couldn’t keep the grin off his face! How do I know this? Because Darcy posted a video of his reaction and posted it to our Facebook group. It was so fun to watch his smile get wider and wider as he flipped through the pages.  


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