Interview with recent client, Leah

We recently chatted with one of our inspiring boudoir clients, Leah. With her permission, we’re sharing some of her own boudoir photos from her shoot earlier this year alongside some of what we learned about this gorgeous woman – including what it was that made her finally book, what her experience at the studio and during her shoot was like, and the incredible breakthrough moment she had during her Reveal Session. 

Leah is a mom to two children, a wife, an ICU nurse, and a business owner. So, she’s got her hands full!

As a client, but also as a woman, we wanted to get to know Leah a little better. Here are some of the questions we asked her:

What’s been one of your biggest challenges, either lately or just in life overall?

I’d say one of the biggest ones is me just learning to accept and love myself unapologetically. It’s something I want to say I’ve reckoned with just in the last few years. 

I had a lot of issues with my physical appearance growing up… I had an eating disorder and dealt with issues around my personal image and my weight and stuff, but in the last several years, especially with the pandemic and realizing life was too short… that’s when I feel like I overcame a lot of that and learned to just really accept, love, and appreciate myself, and stop being so hard on myself.

how to make resolutions that stick

“I just went ahead and did it! …I think night shift can have you doing crazy things.”

Tell us about deciding to book your boudoir shoot. What was your main motivation?

Me doing the shoot was because, for one I saw how beautiful those women looked in the advertisements, and I saw so many women doing it… and at first I thought, ‘I don’t have the body for that or the face for that.’ 

But I know society paints an unrealistic image of this standard of beauty and what it should look like. What we’re supposed to look like. And we do what we can, especially at a younger age to fit into that. We don’t realize that we’re all different, beauty looks different. Sometimes we come with curves that were meant to be there.

So one day, I just reached out! I filled out a form on your website, like an information request. I just went ahead and did it. I was working night shift, and I think night shift can have you doing crazy things. I think I reached out at like 2 or 3 in the morning. [laughs] And I was like, ‘Did I just do that?’ But someone got back to me and I was like, ‘Wow, they really called me.’ 

Leah told me she’d been thinking about doing a boudoir shoot for at least a year before finally deciding to do something about it.

empowered boudoir model

“I’ve worked hard to only attract positive vibes and to keep the right kind of people in my orbit.”

A big part of our ‘why’ behind Silk & Lace Boudoir is empowering women. In fact we happen to work exclusively with women, both our clientele and our staff. Do you feel like you have a good group of empowering women in your life?

100%. I have some of the best, most encouraging, beautiful women in my corner. My best friend, my sister, friends that I have met through working during the pandemic, a lot of people in my life who are encouraging and supportive. 

I’ve worked hard to only attract positive vibes and to keep the right kind of people in my orbit. It is important.

This might be an impolite question, but for a lot of women, the cost of a boudoir shoot can be a big factor in deciding to do one. Was the cost a barrier to you?

I feel like people will pay for the things they want. It felt like an investment within myself, and I’ve taught myself not to put a price on self-investment or on something meaningful you want to do for you. 

I would easily drop money on my children or someone who needed something, but I find I don’t do that for myself enough. So when I came across this… and when I was having my Reveal Session and I was looking at my pictures just in disbelief that it was even me… I was like, ‘I want all of it!’

I’ve never invested so much in myself at one time. And it’s something that may seem small to someone else but it was very big to me.

Tell me about what the experience of the shoot was like for you. What stands out?

The women, everyone that was there. That stood out. I was scared as shit when I first walked in. Thinking things like, ‘What is my husband gonna think? I’m so nervous, I’ve never done anything like this before. Am I gonna be able to pull this off?’

But the women [photographer, assistant, and makeup/hair professional] were so nice to me. 

Girl you’ve barely got me here in lingerie, there’s no way you’re getting me naked.”

The makeup artist was so sweet. I don’t really put makeup on. I’m a night nurse, so I sleep during the day– I just don’t use it often. The most you’ll get out of me is some chapstick, maybe some lipgloss. I think the last time I really did it was 10 years ago for my wedding. So I’m just not very familiar with it. But she was so great. 

I told her I wanted to look like myself and not have too much on, and she was just wonderful about it. It was so beautiful. And then when I came out in my lingerie the ladies were so excited and encouraging, telling me how sexy and beautiful I looked. It was great having that encouragement.

Mariia [the photographer] was fantastic. The way she posed me and made sure everything looked good. I stopped feeling nervous and just let loose. 

Mariia said her goal was to get me naked by the end of the shoot, and I was like, ‘Girl you’ve barely got me here in lingerie, there’s no way you’re getting me naked.’ But she was right! I just felt so comfortable I was like, ‘Whatever, alright I’m doing it. Let’s drop the sheet.’ [laughs]

Say more about your Reveal Session. What was that part of it like?

My Reveal with Cynthia… that is a moment I will not soon forget. 

“That photoshoot made me realize I don’t want to hide myself anymore.”

When she played that video for me [a compilation of some of her best images], I watched and I cried. I was in a state of shock. I was happy, I was sad… I had a lot of emotions. But happy was the main one. It was so beautiful. I couldn’t stop talking about it. 

I saw a different version of myself and it allowed me to fall in love with myself all over again. Just appreciating me and how I looked and realizing that, ‘Hey, I think I am pretty.’ It was just a boost of confidence. It was wonderful. 

I told Cynthia not to stop doing what she’s doing. Because she has no idea how much of an impact this one shoot made on me. I’m a writer, I like to write and I journal a lot, and a lot of my journaling has talked about how I’ve been hiding myself from the world, just been hiding myself away and that photoshoot made me realize that I don’t want to hide myself and who I am anymore. 

I just feel that what she’s doing, the intention she puts into helping women see that they are beautiful and worthy, that they deserve to be loved by others and themselves… it’s amazing. 

I’m curious about the sadness, and whether part of that might have to do with realizing you’ve been being too hard on yourself, like you mentioned earlier?

That’s exactly what I felt! I was seeing what I was capable of on that screen and in my images and I was like, ‘Wow, I’ve neglected that girl.’

interview with leah

What ended up being your favorite image? Can you describe it and why you loved it?

I was in the green lingerie and leaning back in a chair. I’m holding my face and looking up. And the reason I love that one is because I really felt like I was looking at me looking back at myself. 

“I was finally looking back at myself and seeing ME.”

That girl was looking at me and basically telling me… and now I don’t warrant to sound crazy, but it really felt like that girl in the picture was talking to a version of myself that was so broken… and she said, ‘Girl, you did this. You are beautiful. You need to stop being so hard on yourself. You need to recognize who you are!’ 

So that image, of finally looking back at myself and seeing me… it wasn’t one of the ones where I’m showing off my butt or showing a lot of anything, really. You can see more of my face than anything. That was my favorite pose, my faaaaavorite picture. 

Needless to say, that was a profound experience for Leah but also for us to hear her share it. We’ve been there ourselves and know how important those transformative moments with ourselves can be. The kind that some may find in a church, or during a meditation, or on a retreat, or in a boudoir studio…

you can find these moments anywhere.

What would you say to a friend or even a stranger who was on the fence about doing this for themselves?

Do it! Don’t think about it twice, just do it. If you’re searching for a life-changing experience, if you’re searching for that thing to help you see the woman that you are; if you’re searching for that confidence or that boost… just do it. Throw your fear away. You’re bigger than your fear. Go for it. 

It was such a pleasure working with Leah as a boudoir client, and getting to know her as a fellow woman on the path of life. Thanks for inspiring us. 


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