There’s something I always go on about when it comes to boudoir. And it’s my belief that the choice to book your photoshoot… your motivation for showing up at the studio… the why behind opting into the vulnerable and thrilling experience of a boudoir shoot…

It should all be about YOU!

Your desire alone to do a boudoir shoot, to have that empowering experience and cherish the photos you create as a result, is reason enough to do it. In fact, it’s the best reason.

A gift for yourself

Yes, the images and products at the end of your boudoir session make INCREDIBLE gifts for a partner. But I stand by the belief that the whole experience is ultimately a gift for yourself.

I was thinking about that recently with one of my most recent clients, who was about to get married. Scheduling her boudoir shoot had been strongly motivated by a gift-for-the-groom mentality. And don’t get me wrong – I love that. I’m here for it.

the best reason to do a boudoir shoot

But during her shoot, as we got to chatting, she told me that this was something she had wanted to do for a long time. Even before meeting her partner. She was thrilled to finally be doing it!

So it wasn’t just about doing it for her wedding and her partner. That personal self-motivation of wanting to do it just for herself was definitely there too. And the more I thought about it, it always is.

Does there always need to be a “good reason”?

I’ve been in this business a long time and I love to ask what it was that motivated my clients to book a luxury boudoir photoshoot for themselves. And each time I’ve asked this of a bride, I always get some version of the same answer: “Well, I’m getting married. But honestly this is something I’ve been thinking about doing for years, just for myself.”

These brides just needed a good enough reason to actually do it, some notion that it wasn’t just for themselves. And this made me think of all the women who aren’t brides right now, but who may still want to do this. Maybe they don’t feel like they have reason enough to take the time and spend the money if it’s “just for them” or “just because”.

And that’s a bummer.

bride boudoir model

You’re worth it

We all work so hard. We’re taking care of businesses, homes, families, and our communities. But no matter how hard we work, a lot of women still have a nasty penchant for self-sacrifice, and it’s too easy for us to procrastinate self-care or deny ourselves worthwhile experiences.

But the truth is, you deserve to shower yourself in the same kind of attention and affection you regularly give to others.

Whether you’re treating yourself to a luxury boudoir photoshoot, or saying ‘no’ when you don’t have the bandwidth, or simply taking a bubble bath at home, I hope we all remember how important it is to take intentional measures, big and small, to show ourselves that we care.

boudoir model

In case you need a reason

In my recent client’s case, getting married was the thing she needed to be able to take the plunge into an experience she’d long wanted to do on her own. And the final images and products will make a gorgeous gift for the groom and for herself.

Whoever my clients may have in mind to share their boudoir images with, at the end of the day I know that it’s still her getting the most out of the experience.

So I’m sure you won’t be surprised to hear that I think simply wanting to do a boudoir shoot is reason enough to do it. We’re at our best when we feel our best, afterall. Quality forms of self-care are important measures for making us feel empowered and fulfilled as we move through the world.

Whatever your ‘why’ is… whatever your reason may be… I hope to see you in the studio sometime.

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