The Pre-Shoot Consultation

If you’ve never done a boudoir photo shoot before, it can be a little bit intimidating. A boudoir shoot can be such a fun, empowering, transformative experience. But it’s also intimate, requiring a lot of vulnerability and trust (both in yourself and in me, your photographer). 

All of that might feel a bit intense or scary, especially if it’s your first time. That’s why I always have a pre-shoot consultation with my clients in the lead-up to their shoot.

my favorite question to ask new clients

This pre-shoot chat is so important for a lot of reasons. For one, I’m able to answer any questions they might have, fill them in with more details, and help alleviate any fears or jitters. Plus, it’s a chance for us to build a rapport and feel more acquainted with each other. 

It’s also when we go over the questionnaire that I send to each new client after she books a shoot with me. It contains all sorts of fun questions like hair & makeup preferences (we have in-studio makeup artists and hair stylists), and what they’d like to listen to (music has such incredible power over our energies and moods, that it’s important to me to create a personalized playlist for everyone).

boudoir model

The pre-shoot consultation is also when I like to talk with each woman about their creative vision for the shoot – the style or aesthetic they’re going for, the poses that feel most important to them, etc. For example, I had a consultation just last week with a client who wanted to do some really unique things, like a full wet look (which I’m so excited about)!

My favorite question to ask new boudoir clients

But my very favorite question to ask my clients during their pre-shoot consultation is, What are your favorite features about yourself and your body?

my favorite question to ask new clients

Maybe that doesn’t seem like such a staggering question, but I find that it always catches people pleasantly off guard. It gets them thinking about themselves in a different way, prompting this lovely little moment of positive self-reflection. I love seeing it.

Plus, it’s really important information for me to know!

When I understand what my clients love most about themselves, I can gently guide their photo shoot in such a way that the final images are not only gorgeous, but highlight the unique features my clients love most about themselves.

Love your profile? I got you.

Hair a big part of your personality? Mine too.

Legs for days that you love to show off? Ooh yes, girl.

Whatever it is, I love making sure I put a subtle focus on my clients’ favorite personal features, as well as create a WHOLE EXPERIENCE that feels tailored to each of them.

So I’m curious. How would you answer my favorite question? I’d love to know.


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