Back in January, I had the pleasure of photographing Miss R and her session was such an awesome way to kick off 2019. I think artistic careers are especially prone to phases of evolution, and I was really feeling a personal shift around this time. It was during Miss R’s session that it really became clear to me what this change was.
I remember so vividly the way I felt looking through her images after her shoot was done and just being so excited. You know what? I thought, This is awesome! I am moving forward in the direction I want to be moving. THIS is the type of material I want to create.

Moodier and more sensual boudoir.

It was this image below in particular that struck me most. The way her back is bent over this sofa and the contrast of dark and light, her expression… it was one of the first photos I captured like this that helped me realize, This is 100% what I want my photography to be.

Moodier and more sensual boudoir.
Moodier and more sensual boudoir.

Since her shoot at the start of this year my work has become a lot moodier and more sensual and I freaking love it! I’ve played a lot more with shadows and harsh light and experimented in all sorts of new ways that just feel right. This kind of work really feeds my soul, and so much of this clarity and sense of direction started with Miss R.


So thanks, Miss R, for helping me start out the new year in the best way and breathe renewed life into my work.

Hey! Another exciting thing I’ve been dying to share with you is that I’ve just started an Ambassador Program! I’m bringing on 4-5 awesome, badass ladies who will be the face of Silk & Lace Boudoir. These women are aligned with our vision and our “why”, which is to empower other women and inspire them to see their own beauty through photography. I could not be more excited about this.

So stay tuned! Their photo shoots will be happening soon and I can’t wait to introduce them to you, to the Silk & Lace VIP group on Facebook, and to the world of boudoir.

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