Earlier this year I had the opportunity to work with this awesome gal.

You may remember a recent blog post about another rad lady, and how her shoot sort of marked the start of a really creative turn in my photography. Working with Miss A shortly after that point was a continuation of that feeling for me. It was such an energizing shoot, confirming to me that Yes! I had made this shift in a new direction and it was right

I loved that Miss A. and I were able to get really creative with her shoot. I knew we were going to have a super fun and killer session from the moment she sent me her mood board inspiration

Mood boards are a big part of creating the vibe for a shoot and I always have my clients create one on Pinterest ahead of time to help me see a clear vision of what the mood / vibe that they’re going for, how they want to look and feel, and what they overall hope to capture of themselves during their shoot. When I saw Miss A’s I just died! Everything in her mood board inspired me. The images she chose felt so in line with this new direction I’d been wanting to take my photography in for so long. 


Seeing her mood board was such an inspiration that when she came in for her shoot, I was so grateful she was open to experimenting and letting me do my thing. When clients trust me like that, it’s huge. I was so honored that Miss A. trusted me with her vision and allowed me the artistic freedom to really do different stuff for her that we both ended up LOVING.

Feel free to check out our Pinterest board and the jumping-off point for many of our client’s boards here!

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