IN THEIR 50S, 60S, 70S ++

I’d love you to be one of them!

You’re invited to a unique and luxurious
one-of-a-kind photoshoot experience.

You’ll Be Featured In My
Upcoming Celebration
And Gallery-style Exhibition
Featuring Women
And Their Stories!

How Much Does It Cost?

I am offering the 50 Over 50 Portrait Experience for just
$490. The total value is over $800.

What Does The $490 Include?

As one of my ‘50s, 60s, 70s++’ women, you will receive:

• CONSULTATION – To discuss how YOU want to be photographed and to plan the wardrobe & styling.

•PROFESSIONAL HAIR & MAKEUP – A pampering session with makeup artistry and hairstyling so you look your best.

• FULL ACCESS TO OUR STYLE CLOSET – Enjoy couture pieces in our studio wardrobe during your shoot.
• ORDERING SESSION – Where you see your images at the studio & select your gifted image and order your favorite photographs and products.

• PORTRAIT OF YOUR CHOICE – You will receive one fine art matted portrait (a $300 value). Additional photographs and products available for purchase.

• YOU’LL BE CELEBRATED IN MY UPCOMING EXHIBIT EVENT – When the portrait series is complete, you will be celebrated in an exhibition featuring a portrait of each of the fabulous subjects I’ve photographed.

Sessions Are Limited And Booking Fast.

Let’s have a quick chat about including you in the 50 Over 50 Portrait Experience.

Why 50s, 60s, 70s++, Why Me
And Why Now?

My name is Dina Mande, I am 60 and a portrait
photographer. I have been a professional
photographer for 13 years and this is the most
powerful portrait series that I have worked on with
clients to date and I can’t wait to meet you!
I started my portrait and photography business
because I wanted to create something very special as a
gift for all women to enjoy.

It will be fun, fulfilling and transformational. Join me
on a fun and incredible adventure.

Remember . . . it is ALL about you.

To Showcase The Portrait

Your Story + Video Interview about what beauty means to you, etc. Your story will be used to showcase the series at my upcoming 50 Over 50 Portrait Exhibition and on our website, blog and social media platforms so we can share how FABULOUS you are with the world.
• That interview may be shared on my website, blog and social media.

•Before and After makeover photos may be shown.

More About The 50 Over 50
Portrait Experience

• Let’s celebrate that beauty doesn’t diminish with age.

• Help us tell your story about what it means to be in
this season of life today!

• Celebrate your beauty and appreciate every scar,
every line and every grey (or purple!) hair.

Sessions Are Limited And Booking Fast.

Let’s have a quick chat about including you in the
50 Over 50 Portrait Experience

Who Is The 50 Over 50 Experience For

All women over 50 are invited. I have photographed stunning images of women of different shapes and sizes; women with different tastes, from different backgrounds and with different views of life. The Dina Mande Studios experience is an exciting, pampering, indulgent adventure, custom tailored and focused on YOU!

Think about how you want to be captured, what does your legacy look like? Our passion is to take the every-day woman and give her an unforgettable celebrity-style, magazine photoshoot experience.

It’s about so much more than just “taking pretty pictures.” Our hope is for you to truly reconnect with yourself, see your beauty & spirit the way others already see you.

Take A Look At Everything Included:

1) Consultation: Wardrobe & Styling, Planning

Complete custom photo session design Advice on colors, styling
and fit. You may wear any of the couture pieces in our studio wardrobe during your shoot, if you desire.

2) Professional Makeover

Camera-ready Custom Make-up application by our skillful on site make-up artist (you meet her, you love her!)
Glammed up or natural/refined, it’s all up to you! Light hairstyling for picture perfect results!

3) Celebrity Style Photoshoot

Covergirl for a day! You will enjoy a fully, expertly guided magazine-style photoshoot.
Not photogenic? Nonsense! It is not your job to be. I’ve got you! It is my job to connect and make you comfortable, to show you in your best light with flattering posing.

Helping women over 40 & 50 to be seen and appreciated worldwide.

Want to share with a friend in another area who’s also navigating this age of life? Check out my fellow amazing photographer friends all over the globe who specialize in lighting, posing and the artistry of photographing the beauty of women over 40 & over 50.

Dina Mande Studios

603 12th St Paso Robles, CA 93446 – dina@dina.live