I’d love for you to be one of them.

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You’re invited to a unique and luxurious
one-of-a-kind photoshoot experience.



How Much Does It Cost?

I am offering my 25 INKED-UP LADIES a Special promotion package for just $490+tax. The total value is over $1490.

What Does The $490 Include?

As one of my tattooed baddies, you will receive:
• CONSULTATION – To discuss how YOU want to be photographed and to plan the wardrobe & styling.

• PROFESSIONAL HAIR & MAKEUP – A pampering session with makeup artistry and hairstyling so you look your best.

• FULLY GUIDED PROFESSIONAL PHOTO SHOOT – I am there to help pose and guide you down to your fingertips and facial expressions.

• FULL ACCESS TO OUR CLOSET – Help yourself to pieces in our studio wardrobe for your shoot (sizes range from XS-4X).

• ORDERING SESSION – A reveal and ordering session where you can see all your beautiful photographs, choose your complimentary print, and have the opportunity to purchase more.

• YOUR PHOTOS & STORY SHARED – Images or video of your shoot along with highlights of who you are will be published on social media.

• MEMBERSHIP – In our Photography VIP Group.

• PLUS! YOU’LL BE CELEBRATED IN MY UPCOMING EXHIBIT EVENT – When the portrait series is complete, you will be celebrated in an exhibition featuring a portrait of each of the fabulous subjects I’ve photographed.

Sessions Are Limited & Booking Fast.

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25 INKED-UP LADIES Portrait Experience

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Who Am I? And Why Do I Love Your Tattoos?

Hi! I’m Cynthia, a DC-based photographer specializing in teaching women how to embrace their inner confidence through powerful, sensual, vulnerable, and authentic boudoir photography.

I am deeply passionate about fostering meaningful conversations that encompass various aspects of women’s journeys, including why some of us get tattoos and what they mean to us. I am a big believer in the thrill and freedom that comes from expressing oneself through art, and so I’m naturally drawn to other women’s tattoos. It is my desire to showcase women who have chosen tattoo art to beautifully and uniquely express some of the meaning they’ve encountered in their lives, and share a little bit of their stories in the process.

Whether you’ve been contemplating a boudoir session for a while or are just beginning to consider it, I’ll be with you every step of the way, working with you to create your dream experience. I’ll provide step-by-step guidance on how to prepare and find inspiration for your time in our studio, from the wardrobe, hair & makeup, and poses, to the music you want to listen to and the overall style of boudoir that speaks most to you.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about me. I’m thrilled to assist you in unlocking (or simply showing off) your inner confidence, and to learn about you and your unique journey of womanhood.

To Showcase in The Portrait

  • You’ll be interviewed by me after your photoshoot to learn about you and your journey, and how this experience made you feel. (This may include a video interview.) 
  • Elements from your shoot and interview may be shared on my website and social media. 
  • Before and After makeover photos may be shown.
  • Other conditions may apply.



• Help us tell your story and share why you’re passionate about your tattoos.

• Celebrate your body, the beauty of your tattoos, and appreciate everything that makes you uniquely YOU!

• We intend to honor amazing women around the area and exhibit the incredible beauty of tattoo art.

People love to see and ask about tattoos. Let’s give them one hell of a show & tell!

Over a hundred 5-star reviews!

Think about how you want to be captured…

What does your legacy look like? Our passion is to take your everyday photoshoot and give you an unforgettable celebrity-style, magazine photoshoot experience. It’s about so much more than just “taking pretty pictures.” Our hope is for you to truly reconnect with yourself, have fun, maybe tap into some important parts of yourself you forgot were there, and enjoy the experience of letting your beauty & spirit shine.

Silk & Lace Boudoir Studios

2607 24th St. NW Washington DC