It’s been a while since I’ve updated this blog and I’m excited start back up with this gorgeous curvy boudoir session! This babe rocked her shoot and I have seriously been dying to share this since the day it was photographed. I’ve been working on implementing better systems for myself (I’m not naturally a systems gal.) and my new year’s resolution is  to be blogging more regularly for you babes from now on! 

I like to make a habit of asking new clients why they’re interested in coming in and having a session with us. When I asked Miss D this question her answer put a HUGE smile on my face because of how true it was! She said she had seen a previous client’s images and that she loved them but that ultimately she wanted to help empower other curvy women – seriously how awesome is that?! I had such a great time working with this gorgeous and hilarious woman and I’m so glad I finally got to share her gorgeous curvy boudoir session with you all!

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