Valentine’s Day is here, and that means it’s time to pour on the romance. Whether you’re celebrating love with your special someone, or just need to tap into your sexy side, these six boudoir outfit ideas are guaranteed to make your jaw drop and tantalize anyone else who may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of you.

P.S. If you plan on recreating any of these looks at home (which we hope you do), be sure to grab your phone and snap some gorgeous photos using our Ultimate Boudoir Selfie Guide (scheduled to release on 2/14/22).

1. Bra and Panty Sets

This tried and true lingerie look is truly classic and an easy go-to when sifting through boudoir outfit ideas. Bra and panty sets are super versatile because you can mix and match your favorite pieces, which is a great thing when you’re going for a sexy and fuss-free vibe. For bras, we recommend a demi cup or underwire rather than a full push-up because they offer strong support without adding too much size. While there are great push-up bras out there, we’ve learned that too much padding can throw off your body’s natural proportions, which is a big deal when it comes to a naturally-sexy look. For panties, we recommend cuts that show just enough, but not too much. Cheeky or Brazilian bottoms are both fantastic options!

Silk & Lace Pro Tip: When shopping for bras, proper fit is extremely important. One key factor when selecting your set is to make sure the area near your armpit looks nice and smooth and that you’re not spilling out of the cups. For undies, look for high-cut pieces to elongate your legs.

2. Bodysuits and Teddys

Bodysuits and teddys are great options to create a romantic look because they offer full-coverage while still showing off your gorgeous silhouette. This style is especially great if you’re one of the many women who feel hesitant about bearing your midsection. And the best part is that they’re so versatile! While teddy’s fall into the lingerie category, bodysuits are technically considered clothing – this means there’s a bodysuit equivalent for nearly every style of shirt: long sleeve, short sleeve, turtleneck, plunging, backless, tight, flowy, opaque, sheer, lace, and just about any other style or fabric you can imagine.
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3. Thigh-highs, Garters, and Garter Belts

Bring on the fantasy! While not the most practical wardrobe pieces, thigh-highs, garters, and garter belts are the perfect way to amp up any romantic look. Thigh-highs are special stockings that end (you guessed it!) at your thigh. Unlike traditional stockings, which stay in place on their own, thigh-highs require a garter belt to keep them from falling down the leg. Garter belts are worn around the waist or hips, and attach to the tops of the thigh-highs with thin suspenders. These suspenders can also be built into the lingerie itself, eliminating the need for a belt.

Silk & Lace Pro Tip: Some thigh-highs have a rubber lining on the inside which allows them to stay up without the help of a garter belt. It’s very important not to try to use garter belts for this type of thigh-high, as the thickness of the rubber makes it nearly impossible to fasten, and it ends up looking bunchy.

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4. Your Own Clothing

Believe it or not, you can create a gorgeous, boudoir-inspired look using repurposed items from your closet. Lingerie is sexy and beautiful, but there’s something about the comfort, flair, and style of your own clothing that personalizes any romantic look. Besides, we’re huge fans of non-traditional boudoir outfits. Pairing pieces like slouchy sweaters, structured blazers, or T-shirts (think sports, music, or other special events) with a sexy pair of panties can really deliver that “effortless cool girl” look.
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5. Your Birthday Suit

Even though there are tons of gorgeous negligees you can wear to set a romantic vibe, something major would be amiss if we didn’t encourage you to wear, well, nothing at all. As much as we love beautiful, lacy lingerie and unique clothing pieces, few things beat your bare skin because it’s something that belongs to you and you alone! There’s something so daring and empowering about having the confidence to reveal it all. You were born beautiful and you’re beautiful now, just the way you are.
Boudoir Outfit Ideas
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