Miss J is yet another amazing woman I had the pleasure of meeting back in December when she mentioned to me that she was interested in having a boudoir session as a wedding gift for her fiance (but more on that later.) Whenever a new client is interested in booking a session I always require to either meet over skype or chat on the phone previous to scheduling them in and during our phone call I immediately I knew we were totally going to vibe.

I was not disappointed. Miss J is super chill and down to earth, and come to find out – we’re both Pisces! Which was really fun to chat about. Shout out to all the other badass compassionate ladies out there! #PiscesForLife

A wedding gift for her fiance | DC Boudoir

Initially, Miss J’s intention for her boudoir session was as a wedding gift for her fiancé. Hence the “Ohio Against the World” tee – Miss J is from Ohio, and they have this adorable little rivalry between the two of them. I loved that she incorporated this inside joke for him.

However, like most women who come into the studio, Miss J soon realized that her photo shoot was much more of a gift to herself, which honestly fills my heart. Anyone who regularly reads this blog knows how much I’m always going on and on about ‘doing it for yourself’ so when this ends up happeing, even if unintentionally, it totally fills my heart!

Congrats to the gorgeous bride-to-be. They’re getting married next month!

A wedding gift for her fiance | DC Boudoir
A wedding gift for her fiance | DC Boudoir

Oh yeah! Miss J wrote me the sweetest review and I wanted to share some of her words with you. See? I told you we vibed!

“Cynthia is a sweetheart! She made me feel so comfortable throughout the entire process. We had plenty of bonding moments electronically and via phone so I was well prepared to “do my thing” the day-of! lol

She personalizes your experience down to each individual detail. You feel like you’re her only client… I had the pleasure of getting glammed up by one of her makeup artists, Naim, and he was so much fun. He understood that I wanted a natural look and made me look sooo good.

Cynthia was made for boudoir!! She has an eye for movement and angles, and by the time you’re done you feel like you just worked out. Arch that back and point those toes ladies!! LOL

My viewing session was personalized and so welcoming. It really is something to see your images displayed and think, “That’s me! I did that!” She helps you create your perfect portfolio, literally image by image, and page by page.

Cynthia really captured a moment in time. I’m a survivor of domestic violence, and it was cathartic to love on myself after years of emotional healing. To see those physical scars slowly fading but accepting them all as signs of growth and strength. Cynthia knew this and was gentle with me. I truly appreciate her. This body isn’t getting any younger lol so memorializing it and showing it some love and affection felt good. I’m certain you’ll feel good with your experience with Cynthia as well :)”

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