1. To Boost Your Confidence and Self – Esteem.

Even though human rights and the concept of feminism have come a long way from where they once were, it’s still tough being a woman in today’s world. Society still has a lot to say about how we should look, act, feel, parent, work, and manage our bodies, and those loud opinions can create a lot of internal conflict. It’s no wonder most women struggle with confidence and self-esteem. But putting yourself out there in your truest form is an empowering, vulnerable, and celebratory experience. You are beautiful, amazing, and everything you’re supposed to be, just the way you are, right now. Just look at how 42-year-old ICU nurse, Erin, used boudoir to rekindle her confidence, boost her self-esteem, and love herself in a way she never thought possible. Read her story and see her stunning photos here.
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2. To Enhance Your Engagement, Wedding, or Anniversary.

Love is the most powerful emotion in the world. It entails strength, honesty, commitment, vulnerability and so much more. And boudoir is a beautiful way to express all of those things to yourself and to your partner, especially when you’re about to enter another chapter of your lives together. That’s exactly what our stunning client, Jasmine, did for her fiancee and herself, right before her wedding. Read her story and see her gorgeous photos here.
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3. To Honor Your Body While becoming a Mother.

Pregnancy can be such a precious, exciting, and life-changing experience and maternity shoots are a wonderful way to honor and commemorate the incredible, beautiful, and scientifically amazing way your body is changing to create a new life. Gifting yourself a boudoir maternity shoot celebrates your body and femininity in a loving, personal, and intimate way. A boudoir maternity shoot can also make a thoughtful gift for your partner to show them that you love and cherish them, too, through this transformative experience you’re sharing together. Even the experts at Motherly, the highly-revered online pregnancy and parenting community, understand the benefits of boudoir maternity shoots.
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pregnancy boudoir

4. To Celebrate a Milestone.

Are you embarking on a big birthday? Did you recently achieve something you’re really proud of? Or have you overcome a particularly difficult challenge in your life? All of these occasions are worth celebrating. And commemorating the experience with a very personal and intimate celebration of self is a great way to recognize everything you’ve been through. Need some examples? Amber used her boudoir experience to honor her strength and personal growth after overcoming a rocky reconstructive surgery, and Sam chose to celebrate her 45th birthday with a beautiful, sexy, and empowering shoot for herself.
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5. To Heal After a Breakup or Divorce.

Ending a serious relationship is never an easy decision, and one that usually comes with a lot of pain, anger, confusion, and mixed emotions. Moving on takes a lot of courage, hard work, and soul-searching to re-learn who you are and what’s most important to you. Reconnecting with yourself and seeing yourself as a strong, confident, beautiful woman, once again, is a powerful, healing experience that will help you respect all you’ve been through while giving yourself permission to be who you are, inside and out. Our own founder, Cynthia, did her first boudoir shoot for this very reason, and needless to say, it changed her life for the better.

6. To Commemorate Surviving a Traumatic Experience.

Living through a traumatic event is such a personal experience that often comes with feelings of fear, shame, anger, guilt, and a variety of other negative emotions. And although many people experience trauma in their lives, it often doesn’t get talked about openly, which can create more pain. In addition to seeking professional help from a medical expert, many of our clients have worked through their traumatic experiences – like major surgeries, abuse, toxic relationships, and other disturbing life events – through the art of boudoir. Many of our clients who have survived traumatic events found boudoir to be a freeing, healing experience that allowed them to be open and honest about their trauma, work through their pain, and come out stronger on the other side. 62-year-old real estate agent and actor, Aurora, nearly lost her life to domestic violence and depression, and used boudoir to help heal, show her strength, and remind herself of her self-worth. Read her incredible story here.
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7. Because You’ve always Wanted to.

Do you really need a reason to do something you’ve always wanted to do? After all, that IS the reason. Life is meant to be explored, enjoyed, and celebrated. So if there’s something you’ve always wanted to do – whether it’s a sexy boudoir photo shoot, changing careers, traveling the world, going back to school, skydiving, or literally anything else you’ve ever considered but been too afraid to do, give yourself the permission and encouragement to try it out. As far as we know, life is a one-shot experience, so it’s worth it to embrace new experiences that interest you and learn what makes you happy.

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