Are you thinking about doing a boudoir photo shoot?


A decade ago, I’d never done one myself. I’d never considered it was something that was for me. But fast-forward ten years and I’m obviously all in.

But just like me, a lot of my clients struggle at first to imagine their own boudoir experience. In large part because we don’t imagine that boudoir is for us…. until we strip down, take the plunge, and realize it very much is.

Boudoir truly is for every body. You can not convince me otherwise. 

But I get it, it can be tough to imagine doing something so vulnerable. That’s why it’s my goal to make sure every new woman I work with feels comfortable with me and is properly prepared and excited for her boudoir experience.

I love the feeling of collaboration that comes from learning what each woman envisions for her dream boudoir shoot, and then helping her bring it to life.

nurse week queen boudoir
nurse week queen boudoir

So if you’re considering doing a boudoir shoot, what do you imagine for yourself? Is there a clear vision? What’s the style you gravitate toward – coy and seductive? Playful and bright? Do you fancy a dark, moody vibe, or a vintage aesthetic? Or in your mind, are you dripping in diamonds, glamor, and little else? Perhaps you have personal props like a favorite dress that would make your shoot extra personal?

Getting inspired online by other women’s shoots is a great place to start if you’re having trouble. And as you continue pondering whether a boudoir shoot is right for you, check out my list of 7 things to know before scheduling your boudoir session.



7 Things to Know Before Scheduling Your Boudoir Photo Shoot


  1. Finding the right photographer for YOU is essential

Boudoir is such a personal and intimate experience that it’s important to feel comfortable with the photographer/studio you work with. Choose someone whose photos and style you love, but who also makes you feel at ease and safe to be vulnerable.


  1. Boudoir will transform you

Long before you see your photos, you’ll start to notice an evolution in yourself. The experience of boudoir has long-lasting effects on your self-esteem and the way you view yourself, inside and out. (Read more)


  1. You DON’T need to change your body

Really. Please don’t make yourself feel like you need to go on a diet or get a flatter tummy or alter yourself in any way before scheduling a boudoir shoot. Your unique life journey has led you to where you are today – be proud! You’re beautiful just the way you are. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to pay attention to little details that matter to you – like having your nails done or your down-there-hair groomed to your preference. And absolutely I encourage women to get plenty of sleep and stay hydrated before their shoot. But keep things in perspective, and remember that many studios (like ours!) have a hair and makeup team as well as a great photographer to help you look and feel your best. (Read more)

nurse week queen boudoir
nurse week queen boudoir
  1. Preparation is key

Great boudoir doesn’t just happen – it takes thought, time, and effort on the part of the studio AND you. But preparing for your boudoir shoot should be fun and exciting, and include things like getting into the right headspace (remind yourself why this is important to you and that you deserve it), practicing some poses that feel good to you, and playing around with the wardrobe you want to use. (Read more)


  1. Nerves are normal

Whether you’re still just considering a boudoir shoot or in the middle of preparing for one, feeling nervous means you’re doing it right. You’re about to try something new and potentially step way outside of your comfort zone. Just keep in mind that discomfort and vulnerability are often requirements for growth. And have you ever noticed that nerves and exhilaration feel pretty similar in the body? Something to think about.


  1. Your session is all about you

Whether you initially considered doing boudoir as a gift for someone you love, or as an out-of-the-box activity for yourself, the person who will undoubtedly benefit most from this experience is you. So don’t be afraid to assert yourself and own the shoot. It’s all about you, lady. (Read more)


  1. There’s no reason to wait

Women often struggle to prioritize themselves in this busy, chaotic world. We get caught up in all the things we think we “should do”, rather than choose for ourselves the things we know in our hearts would make us truly happy. Unfortunately, this means our deepest desires and goals often get put off or don’t get accomplished at all. Sometimes, when a thing feels right, you’ve just got to go for it. (Read more)

nurse week boudoir

So, what do you think. What do you imagine for your own boudoir shoot? I’d love to know. 

Whether you think you’re ready now to embrace yourself through the art of boudoir, or just have some questions or comments to share, I’d love to hear from you




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