1. Be prepared to see yourself in a whole new (wonderful and amazing) light.

Ladies, this reason alone, right here, is why I do what I do!  A boudoir session has the power to show you something you’ve been missing. Something you’ve been walking past every single day of your life or every time you look in the mirror. How many of us have heard from so many people in our lives how beautiful we are, or how great we look, only to go on believing the opposite?  A boudoir session will show you what your boyfriend/ partner or even best friend have been telling you along, and that is a fabulous thing!  Give me one chance to show you what I see, I promise you’re going to love it!

2. You do not need to lose those 5-10 pounds before your session. 

I mean this so much! This is the reason why you’re hiring me in the first place. A professional boudoir photographer will know how to make you look your best, it’s literally what we’re trained to do. Some of my clients want their curves accentuated, others want the opposite. If what you want is to look a bit slimmer in your photos, the easiest way to do this is through angles, posing and proper wardrobe. I’m here to help you check all of those off, so you can say goodbye to that grueling diet!

3. You’ll need to prepare for your session.

Properly preparing for your boudoir session is key! You’ll want to make sure you set at least one to two weeks aside prior to your session to make sure the details are in place. Some common things you’ll likely need do beforehand are: figuring out your wardrobe and buying any pieces that are still missing (make sure to snag our lingerie guide if you want some advice with this part), getting a haircut if you need one, getting a mani and pedi, and of course if waxing is your thing scheduling an appointment (the devil is in the details!).

4. Do it now!

So many valuable things in our lives either never get done or are put off until the “perfect time”. We wait to go on that trip of a lifetime until we’re “financially stable”. We wait to start on that great business idea until ‘the timing is right”. We wait to have our boudoir session until we’ve lost 5 or 10 pounds. If you take one thing away from this post is do it now! There is not better time. This is who you are today and there is true empowerment in accepting that. That doesn’t mean that this is “it”. Life is an ever changing journey, and there will be changes ahead, with that said, you are who you today. You have every reason to love and embrace that!

5. It’s ok to feel nervous.

If you’re in the midst of contemplating a boudoir session or in the middle or preparing for your shoot and you’re feeling nervous, then I’m here to tell you it is all going to be ok! It’s ok to feel scared or nervous, this is a huge indicator that you’re stepping outside of your comfort zone. Think of anytime in your life that you’ve done something significant, or worthwhile, chances are you felt one or both of these emotions. The good news is that I’m going to be here with you every. step. of. the. way!  As a Silk & Lace Boudoir client you will have my cell and we will be in constant communication before and throughout your entire experience. 


6. At the end of the day it’s all about you!

Yes, this entire session will be tailored to you (down to your personal playlist), but that’s not what I mean when I say that it’s all about you. Whether you realize it or not, the person who will benefit the most from this entire experience is you! Having gorgeous photographs to gift to your significant other is always a huge plus, and with this said the biggest takeaway will always be yours.  Whatever you may be going through in life right now. A difficult divorce, body acceptance, struggling to see your own beauty or any other number of things, I want you to know that I’m here to help, and I’ll be with you every step of this process!

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