It’s Black History Month, which means I’m celebrating some of the gorgeous black beauties that have been through our studio in today’s blog post!

I know February is more than halfway over, to be totally honest I wasn’t sure I was going to write this post at all. There have been times in the past when I didn’t know how to approach this and other subjects near and dear to my heart; mostly because I questioned my own authority to speak on behalf of a community that I’m technically not a part of. But, I always tell my clients that they become their most beautiful, sexy selves by expressing vulnerability, honesty, and authenticity. So, I’m putting it all out there for them, because they put it all out there for me.

In case you couldn’t tell by my previous blogs, I’m enchanted by women of color. Black women inspire me. Being a Latin immigrant, myself, I’ve experienced what it’s like to be considered “different.” Sometimes, those experiences aren’t so great, and, sometimes, they show you how resilient you can be. I have learned so much from the Black women who trust me to take their boudoir photos because they have all emulated strength, beauty, resilience, joy, bravery, and, empowerment.

In reflection and celebration of Black History Month, and, as a gesture of love and gratitude for the Black boudoir beauties who have been my muses, I’m making a donation to The Black Women’s Agenda. And I encourage you to do the same. I’m also continuing to listen, learn, and think by sharing the stories of five Black women who have displayed confidence, beauty, grace, and fabulousness in the Silk & Lace Boudoir studio.

black boudoir beauties

Miss W’s Story

The first thing I noticed about Miss W was her striking beauty. Instead of straightening her hair, she came in boasting her natural curl. The purple-frosted tips blended seamlessly with, and even heightened, the dramatic approach she opted for.

black boudoir beauties

Miss S’s Story

She wanted to do a boudoir shoot first and foremost for herself. During our initial consultation and in every conversation we had thereafter, she kept bringing up the fact that this was something she would normally never do. And how it was something her friends and family would never expect her to do, either.

black boudoir beauties

Miss J’s Story

Initially, Miss J’s intention for her boudoir session was as a wedding gift for her fiancé. However, like most women who come into the studio, Miss J soon realized that her photo shoot was much more of a gift to herself.
black boudoir beauties

Miss T’s Story

One thing I LOVED about Miss T’s boudoir session is how many looks we were able to get and how individual yet beautiful each one was. Without a doubt this red robe is in the top contenders for me. I mean, look at this queen!
black boudoir beauties

Miss Q’s Story

This beauty came in for her session just in time for her birthday and when we had the opportunity to speak on the phone she mentioned that she wanted to look like herself in her photos.